Best Filters For Angelfish

If you’re an aquarist who is considering adding angelfish to your tank, then you’ll need to make sure you have a good filter. 

Angelfish are one of the more demanding fish in terms of water quality, and they need a filter that can handle high levels of dissolved oxygen and bacteria. 

However, there is one question that often arises is what type of filter is best for an angelfish tank? In this article, we will explore the different types of filters available and discuss which one is most appropriate for angelfish tanks. 

So without further ado, let’s jump into the first type.

1. Internal Fish Tank Filters

Internal filters may be a simple plastic box with carbon and foam or wool to provide mechanical and biological filtration. 

It also draws water through the filter media using air before bubbling it through the water. 

Filters that are built into your system are extremely useful for a number of reasons:

  • It is simple and straightforward to maintain.
  • Flow rates are generally adjusted for tiny aquariums.
  • They can operate extremely quietly.

Therefore, we have four recommendations for you in this section, Don’t forget to pick one of them and make your angels feel comfortable and happy.

a. Tetra Whisper Internal Filter

Tetra Whisper 4 Gallon Internal Power Filter, Filtration for 4 Gallon Aquariums

Tetra Whisper Internal Filter is perfect for both fresh and saltwater aquariums. 

This all-in-one air pump and water filter system mounts on the inside of your aquarium with a clip (included), making it possible to place your tank flush against the wall. 

Additionally, it features dense dual-sided mesh filters that catch debris and fish waste so make sure that your tank will look great! 

Plus, with its air-driven design, the Tetra Whisper Internal Filter can pump up to 170 GPH of water while still providing ample oxygenation. 

Furthermore, this filter is easy to use and even easier to clean – simply remove the large Bio-Bag cartridge and rinse it under running water. 


  • The small size makes it easy to fit in most tanks.
  • Outside of the aquarium, the simple clip takes up no space.
  • Filter pads can be swapped for easy maintenance.


  • Suction cups are not included with smaller filters.
  • For slower fish, the flow rate may be too high.

b. Fluval Underwater Filter

Fluval U Series Underwater Filter for Aquariums

Fluval Filter’s sleek design and easy-grip water control panel make it a breeze to use, while the redesigned media cartridge traps more debris for better results.

Plus, the convenient flip-top lid allows for quick and easy access to the filter cartridge when it needs maintenance or replacement.

You can even position it horizontally for shallow tanks, larger tanks with low water levels, or to create a decorative waterfall feature.

Or go vertical against the aquarium wall to create currents or customized flow patterns. 

Furthermore, it comes with three-stage filtration which is ideal for use in fresh, marine, or reptile environments and is also great for tanks with low water levels.

This three-stage filtration system is essential for superior water quality and crucial for the health of your aquarium inhabitants.

Stage 1: foam removes large particles.

Stage 2: the poly/carbon cartridge traps fine debris, improves water clarity, and removes impurities.

stage 3: BioMax provides optimal biological filtration efficiency.


  • Can accommodate larger aquariums.
  • Compatibility with a variety of surfaces means you can position it just about anywhere.
  • The top-opening lid makes it simpler to keep the unit clean.
  • The amount of water produced and the rate at which it comes out can be modified.


  • The price is greater than those of comparable-sized filters.

c. Penn-Plax Submersible Internal Filter

Penn-Plax Cascade 600 Fully Submersible Internal Filter – Provides Physical, Biological, and Chemical Filtration for Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums

This fully submersible filter quietly delivers up to 175 gallons per hour of crystal clear water, making it perfect for fresh or marine aquariums from 20 to 50 gallons in size. 

The activated carbon cartridge removes harmful chemicals, toxins, odors, discoloration, and other contaminants from your aquarium, while the internal sponge optimizes the colonization of beneficial aerobic bacteria. 

Plus, the large capacity aquarium filter cup allows you to choose your filter medium which makes cleanup easy and also prolongs the life of your aquarium filter.

Additionally, the pump head with adjustable and directional water flow makes it easy to customize your filtration needs, and the cascade internal filters provide better filtration – physical, chemical, and biological.

Furthermore, this filter has a spray bar option that will distribute water evenly to aid aeration. 


  • The flow rate can be adjusted.
  • Various installation options are available.
  • Filtration media that can be completely customized.


  • In the tank, the colored filter may be quite visible.
  • The filter media area isn’t huge.

d. Aqueon Quietflow

Aqueon Quietflow Internal Power Filter

It is fully submersible in vertical or horizontal position and the adjustable return flow rate ensures a smooth, unobstructed water flow. 

The direction and height of the water return are also adjustable, making this filter adaptable to any tank setup. 

Don’t make its small size fool you! This filter comes with three-stage filtration: dense foam for particles and debris activated carbon for toxins, odors, and discoloration, and patented BioGrid for ammonia and nitrates. 


  • It’s really small and has a head that can be angled for a variety of ways to position this unit
  • The design is very sleek and low profile, and you can mount it either horizontally or vertically.


  •  This filter has a loud voice. 

2. External Aquarium Filters

a. EHEIM Classic External Filter

EHEIM Classic External Canister Filter with Media

External filters have a high water turnover and can handle big solid objects. 

These filters are available in sizes large enough to accommodate the biggest aquariums. 

The typical method for this style of filter is for a pump to draw water from the aquarium, through layers of filtering media, and then return it to the aquarium for circulation and aeration.

After Experiencing a lot of filters we found that the EHEIM is the best choice, this filter has a high level of efficiency – even for larger systems.

It is a top-quality filter that is perfect for aquariums of all sizes, and it is also equipped with a promo-elastic silicon sealing ring that ensures a tight seal and safe closure after cleaning. 

Additionally, It comes complete with filter media and installation accessories, so you can get started filtering your tank right away. 

Plus, the EHEIM Classic is backed by a 2-year warranty, ensuring years of dependable performance. 

So if you’re looking for an external canister filter that’s built to last, don’t miss the EHEIM Classic!


  • Water flows through the media properly because the intake and output are on opposite ends of the canister.
  • The canister and tubing tell you when it’s time to “get in there” to clean, so it’s sort of see-through.
  • Quiet.
  • Quick disconnect and shutoff valves are simple to use.


  • No baskets, so the media and filters are just in there which makes maintenance much more difficult.

3. Diatomaceous Earth Fish Tank Filter

a. Lee’s Undergravel Filter

Lee's 70/90 Premium Undrgravel Filter 18-Inch by 48-Inch

This is the most popular and the best microfiber filter on the market today, according to some buyers. 

It can remove particles as tiny as 0.8 and 1 microns, which are capable of eliminating ich, parasites, and algae. 

Additionally, It destroys bacteria in a way that medication cannot.

When it comes right down to the best diatomaceous filter, without a doubt we recommend for you Lee’s Filter.

This high-quality filter is much cheaper than other brands on the market, and it’s built to last. 

Plus, it runs quietly so you won’t disturb your fish. 

And unlike some other filters, this one comes with separate ports for powerheads making it sturdier and more efficient than ever before. 


  • It is much sturdier plastic than other filters.
  • It has a raised stem to fit the tube on, instead of a base that slides into two little grooves. 


  • Installing it in the tank isn’t an easy task

4. Undergravel Fish Tank Filters

a. AquaClear 50 Powerhead Filter

AquaClear 50 Powerhead, 270 Gallons per Hour, UL Listed

Undergravel filters have been used in the past, but they are not appropriate as a primary aquarium filter.

These filters are plastic plates with air uplift tubes attached to the aquarium bottom and covered with substrates.

The size of the plates is determined by the aquarium’s size, the best models include bigger uplift tubes and wavy plates, which give more surface area.

Furthermore, Undergravel filters are a purely biological technology, they encourage bacteria to thrive, decompose ammonia, and the air stones in the tubes draw water through the gravel, ensuring that the system functions properly.

We will most likely go with the AquaClear Filter because of all of its wonderful characteristics.

The AquaClear Powerhead 50 is a versatile pump with several features that performs excellently in a wide range of applications.

It’s a much more robust, environmentally friendly alternative to chlorine that works with many kinds of aquarium filtration systems. 

It also can filter water effectively, circulate and aerate aquarium water, and attach to filtering accessories such as the AquaClear Quick Filter to maintain crystal clear water conditions.

Additionally, it can be used to increase oxygen levels, which is useful when water temperature or fish population rise, as well as in the treatment of illnesses.

Furthermore, it may be linked to protein skimmers, which are essential components of almost all marine aquariums.


  • In smaller reef aquariums, it is extremely useful since it may be hidden yet still provide beneficial currents.
  • It comes with handy suction cups for quick attachment.
  • It has a simple rim attachment bracket that fits most aquariums.


  • The motor is a little bit noisy.

Last Words

We hope that you have found what you were looking for in this article.

If you still have any questions, please share them with us in the comment section below.