What Size Tank for Discus Fish?

What Is the Ideal Tank Size for Discus Fish?

Do you just get your first discus aquarium? Or are you thinking about getting one (or a few)? If so, then you might be wondering what is the ideal tank size for your new scaly friend.

The good news is that aquarium discus fish are relatively easy to care for and don’t require a large tank. In fact, a 10-gallon tank is usually sufficient for a single fish.

When I set up my first discus aquarium tank, I made the dumpiest mistake! I put 6 discus fish in a 30-gallon tank. What was I thinking? Of course, they soon outgrew the tank and I had to upgrade to a 75-gallon tank.

In this article, I’ll share with you the definitive guide on what is the ideal tank size for discus fish. By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what tank size you need for your discus fish!

What Is the Minimum Tank Size for Discus Fish?

The minimum tank size for a single discus fish is 10 gallons. This is because discus fish can grow up to 10 inches in length and they need plenty of space to swim around.

However, I don’t recommend keeping your discus aquarium alone. These fish are social creatures and they feel much better when they’re in a group. For that reason, I recommend keeping at least 5-6 discus fish in a tank.

For example, if you start with six juvenile fish, then you should have a tank that’s at least 55 gallons. However, when they grow to full size, you’ll need a tank that’s at least 75 gallons.

Otherwise, your discus fish will be cramped and their growth will be stunted. In addition, they might get aggressive toward other aquarium fish if they don’t have enough space.

Can I Keep Discus Fish in a 3-gallon Tank?

Your discus fish will never survive in a 3-gallon tank, no matter how well you care for them. These fish need a lot of space to swim around and they can’t survive in such a small tank.

Even the baby discus aquarium will feel cramped in a 3-gallon tank. Can you imagine taking such a risk with your beloved discus fish? They deserve better than that!

Can I Keep Discus Fish in a 10-gallon Tank?

A discus fish will be fine in a 10-gallon tank, but only for a short while, However, living alone will make them feel depressed after a while and they will suffer from mental health.

Therefore, it’s best to keep at least 5-6 discus fish together to share their time playing, eating, and swimming around in the tank. Believe me, watching a group of discus fish is a lot more fun than just watching one!

How Many Discus Fry Can I Keep in a 15 Gallon Tank?

A pair of discus fish can live in a 15-gallon tank. However, this will be such a tight squeeze that I don’t recommend it. These fish need a lot of space to swim around and they’ll be much happier in a larger tank.

Besides, once they start having babies, you’ll quickly run out of space! It’s best to start with a larger tank from the beginning so you don’t have to upgrade later on.

How Many Discus Fish Can I Keep in a 20 Gallon Tank?

In a 20-gallon tank, a pair will live comfortably. This is the minimum tank size I recommend for keeping discus fish. Anything smaller than that, they’ll be too cramped.

Also, this way you will be able to add aquarium plants, driftwood, and other decorations to their tank without taking up too much space. Your discus aquarium will love having some hiding places!

However, if you are keeping a male and a female together, then I recommend getting a larger tank. When they start having babies, you’ll be glad you did!

How Many Discus Fish Can I Keep in a 25 Gallon Tank?

You can keep 2-3 discus fish in a 25-gallon tank. However, you won’t be able to provide them with much in the way of decorations and hiding places.

Thus, try as possible as you can to get a larger tank. It will make both you and your discus aquarium much happier in the long run. Also, if you ever want to add more fish to the tank, you’ll have the space to do so.

How Many Discus Can I Keep in a 30 Gallon Tank?

Ideally, a group of 3 discus fish should be kept in a 30-gallon tank. This way they’ll swing around in their full grace and beauty with their fins flapping in the water.

In addition, you’ll be able to add some decorations and hiding places for them.

How Many Discus Fry Can I House in a 50 Gallon Tank?

A 50-gallon tank can house 5-6 discus fish comfortably. In this vast expanse of water, your discus fish will be able to swim around to their heart’s content.

Plus, you can add an aquarium filter to keep the water clean and provide them with some much-needed hiding places. All in all, a 50-gallon tank is the perfect home for your aquarium fish!

If you want to combine different breeds of fish, keep three of these guys and two more from other fish. However, you should be careful when choosing tank mates as some fish might bully or even eat your freshwater fish.

The world is your oyster when you have a 100-gallon tank! You can easily keep 10 to 12 discus fish in there.

But that’s not all, you can also add other fish species, plants, and decorations to their home. With a 100-gallon tank, you’ll be able to create a veritable underwater paradise for your aquarium fry. They’ll love swimming around in all that space and exploring their new home.

However, you should be careful not to overcrowd the tank. Otherwise, this paradise will quickly turn into a nightmare as the water quality will start to decline.

Last Words

I hope this article has helped you to figure out how many aquarium discus fish you can keep in your tank. Remember, the larger the better! These fish need a lot of space to swim around and they’ll be much happier in a larger discus tank.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below. I’ll be happy to help you out!